Genuine Recovery of the True Value of Your Automobile

Our Belief

We believe the car purchase is a major life decision. Right decisions lead to success and experience. Often experience is painful and that’s how we can help.

Over twenty five years of lived automobile sales knowledge can ease the stress of buying or selling your vehicle and possibly avoid the grief of hidden dealership fees; or tips assisting you to sell and buy privately on your own for the highest market value.

How We Can Help


Giving authentic value of your vehicle beyond what Kelly Blue Book provides. Get the most for your vehicle price and trade.

Best Deal in Selling Your Auto

You can get expertise in what buyers are looking for in purchasing your vehicle. What to say and what not to do.

Negotiate Your Best Price

Begin with the end in mind. Techniques and strategies to influence the selling or buying process. Value over profit.


Brief advise on strategies and techniques to build the confidence to move forward and learn the art of the deal.

What People Say

The generous insights of Martin and Lou to clearly explain a game plan to successfully get the car I want.

Robert S.

Wonderful job with informing me on best methods to sell my car. Mira C.

Mira C.


Recent Updates

    Become a Valued Client

    Want great advice? Martin and Lou are experts at identifying under valued assets, such as your car. Let us help you save money. It doesn’t cost us nothing. It saves you everything.

    The Brothers Santos Advisory Auto Brokers


    About Us

    After over a decade selling, buying and financing all types automobiles from numerous stores, Lou asked Martin if he was interested in selling cars. “The Brothers Santos” in 1997, joined together to work at the Pacific Northwest’s largest full service auction luxury investment dealership.

    The inventory comprised of high line luxury autos from Porsche, Mercedes, Lexus, Rolls Royce, Audi, Corvette, and various Fords, GM, Toyota, Honda (Acura NSX) just to name a few.

    We became frustrated that most clients were visiting to test drive and window shop and very few had the purchasing power to buy. We were more often educating clients about cars than moving them down the road.

    We decided to harness our experience and help customers not only understand the process of purchasing and selling, but to eliminate the “middle person” and really help people buy and sell on there own through advising services.

    Wouldn’t you prefer to avoid the use of a dealership or hassle of inexperienced high pressure sales representatives and buy and sell on your own?

    We ask you to utilize our Consulting expertise in moving you out of a bad situation (car) and into a better one (car). Learn some strategy and be informed.

    For a minimal fee, you can save hundreds to maybe thousands on your next transaction.

    Some of Our Skills

    * Process, client and results oriented.

    * Effective verbal and written communication skills.

    * Strong organization and executional skills.

    * Persuasive and effective communication.

    * Have a sharp, keen eye for detail and organization.

    * Ability to collaborate confidently and successfully within a virtual team environment.

    * Ability to prioritize multiple projects and tasks, and reliably meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment.

    * Ability to work independently, identify opportunities and initiate solutions.

    What People Say

    Professional and courteous to work with in selling my car.

    Patricia H.

    Provided me with reasonable solutions.

    J. L.

    Walked me through the process of negotiating my best car deal.

    Dave W.

    Let’s partner together.


    Let’s talk. Don’t hesitate to reach out with the contact information below, or send a message using the form.

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